Art and Ardor at the Card Table by Jimmy Nuzzo Book


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Jimmy Nuzzo and Edward Marlo Collaborated on card magic that is visual and confounding because of sophisticated sleight of hand. It is these secrets that have formulated some of the most fooling magic ever created.

“Any pulse-checking, hard-core cardmen in the late 60s, knew about Jimmy Nuzzo. If they didn’t get to see him in person, they were familiar with the select ideas he published—ideas that probably seemed celestial at the time but were nevertheless interesting and enticing.” – from Jon Racherbaumer’s Prologue

In the Nuzzo Touch there is Jimmy’s audience-tested repertoire. It includes his fabulous Side Steal and lightning-fast Card to the Pocket.

The book incorporates three hard-to-find, private manuscripts that Nuzzo and Marlo published in the 1980’s, Plus Package; Unforgettable Wild Card; and 21 st Century Card Magic. Jimmy invented the Hung Card, one of the most tightly held secrets in magic.


Prologue (Jon Racherbaumer)
Foreword (Jimmy Nuzzo)
Solomon’s Mind (Dave Solomon)
Ed Marlo, The Man (Jimmy Nuzzo)

The Nuzzo Touch
Nuzzo Peek Count
Faro Slough-Offs
Deal Steal
Side Steal To Rear Palm
Nuzzo’s Simul-Steal
Palm Reverse
Future Reverse II
Nuzzo’s Delayed Reverse
Shootist Coat Load
D’amico One-Hand Second Deal
One-Hand Turnover Second Deal
Finessed Goldin Change
Back-Palm Production Finesse
Tilted Aces

Hung Apps
Nuzzo’s Perplexing Penetration
Diapiresis II
Magic Split

Pocket Express
Nuzzo’s Pocket Appearance
Card Through Knee

Vital Revival 21st Century Card Magic
A Case For Macro-Micro (Edward Marlo)
Do It For Ozzie (Jimmy Nuzzo)
Second Effect (Edward Marlo)
Third Effect (Edward Marlo)
Fourth Effect (Edward Marlo)
Fifth Effect (Edward Marlo)
Elasteroon (Edward Marlo)
Marlo Notes: First Note; Second Note; Third Note; Fourth Note; Fifth Note; Sixth Note; Seventh Note; Inspirational Credits
Marlo In Your Pocket
Speedy Assembly
Second Method
Nuzzo’s Photo Gallery
Final Note

Unforgettable Wild Card
Marlo’s Unforgettable Wild Card
Marlo Notes: Commercial Tip
Nuzzo’s Bonus Idea
Nuzzo’s Tape Alternative
Marlo’s Combinations: First Combination; Second Combination
Dr Nuzzo’s Simplex
Marlo’s Holdout
Marlo’s Additional Ideas: First; Second; Third; Fourth
Named Card Rise

Plus Package
All Blank Wild Card
Second Routine
Simplex All Backs
All Backs Redux
Impromptu All Backs
Color-Changing Backs
The Xerox Card
Latest Count Combination
In Lieu Of The Hamman Switch
Stand Up Diamonds
Instant Card To Wallet
Rapid Transit
Subtle Cards To Wallet
Spectator’s Matcho
Ungaffed Ultra Mental
Double Proof Triple Prediction
Double Thought Prediction: Second Approach; Third Approach; Fourth Approach
Olram’s Cop
Packet Vanishing Aces

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