Art of Astonishment Volume 1 by Paul Harris Book


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The Art of Astonishment books are modern classics!  This is a requirement of any magician’s library!

Volume 1 Highlights
The Light & Heavy Dime – A re-make of Robert Houdin’s famous Light and Heavy Chest using a common dime which ends up permanently stuck in the most uncommon place. This will become the “Card-on-the- Ceiling” of Coin Magic.
Lip Balm – An organic, “naturally-gimmicked” coin box (a special brand of Lip Balm) that climaxes with a container full of Lip Balm.
Ultimate Rip Off or Dancing with the Last Piece – The ultimate bluff ending for Paul’s Torn ‘n’ Restored Card twenty years later, a way to restore the last piece.
Creation – Patrick Martin’s practical “workers” approach of producing a live moth to create maximum astonishment.
Shell Shock – Gregory Wilson’s practical technique for blowing a hardboiled egg right out of its shell then finding a marked coin inside its yolk.
Tunnel Vision – A just-barely-possible way to make yourself disappear using a rolled-up paper tube and more nerve than most of us possess.

Pages 312 – Hard Bound