Art of Astonishment Volume 2 by Paul Harris Book


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The Art of Astonishment books are modern classics!  This is a requirement of any magician’s library!

Volume 2 Highlights
Counterfeit Spectator – On a borrowed dollar bill, the printed signature of the treasurer of the United States transforms into the spectator’s name.
Swiss Movement – An ingenious P.H. discovery enables you to mysteriously animate an ungimmicked Swiss Army Knife. Completely impromptu, works with any Swiss Army Knife … anytime.
Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues – Two of those pesky advertising cards that clutter up your deck are accidentally selected … and then transformed into an impossible object that was secretly already there.
Fizz-Master – Cause the carbonation to travel magically from one soda to another. Absolutely killer … completely impromptu.
McGimmick – You levitate a milkshake using only your finger … then you completely vanish the milkshake leaving only its crumpled container. Osmosis – European genius, Sylvain Miroug’s four-phase Linking Card masterpiece using just two single cards! An incredible new principle. Is it better that Immaculate Connection or Cardboard Connection?

Pages 312 – Hard Bound