Hybrid Playing Cards (Bicycle)

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This is the cliff of the civilization. The land of the gloom where humanity is under threat. Here evil lurks in the shadows, stalking the prisoners of the night. It is the world of the desperate where the only hope left is Hybrid – a valiant outlaw and the only apotheosis of illumination to be found. Gritty and raw with its superhuman strength, Hybrid is the driving force that won’t be stopped. A forte that fears no one, tearing through the night and crushing all the rules. Embedded in the future, beyond the nocturnal skylines of the city, it will become its owner’s quest for redemption, a gateway into the futuristic world. This powerful deck of cards belongs to every person who has nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Welcome to the powerful world of Hybrid. This revolutionary and iconic design was created whilst drawing the inspiration from human complex nature and alternative realism. It represents a faith in the time to come, along with the epic fantasy intertwined in the time-lock of its construction.

The Bicycle Hybrid features a heavy armored cybernetic tuck box, and 56 high-end multi-layered 3D structured playing cards.

An influential combination of space-age elements and inventiveness, the Hybrid deck was made for every outlaw out there who creates their own rules. Now, all you have to do is pick up this deck and start the game of your life where absolutely everything is possible…

Are you ready to go Hybrid? The faith of humanity is in your hands…

Leave the present in the dust and ascend into the future with Bicycle Hybrid Playing Cards .

Engineered by Elite Playing Cards and printed in the year 3082 by the United States Playing Card Company.