Syzygy Playing Cards (Bicycle)

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Syzygy, from the Ancient Greek suzugos, is an obscure phenomenon where three celestial bodies align in a perfect straight-line configuration. The term, Syzygy, is often applied when the sun and moon are in conjunction (new moon) or opposition (full moon). This fits perfectly with the opposites being equal and opposing, yet complementary, balancing, and mysterious.

When the first man became conscious of the light that is emitted from the sun, and the relationship that exists between light and day, darkness and night, they attributed it to the sun and moon’s opposite values:

The sun causes day – but the moon causes night.

During the day it’s hot – but at night it’s cold.

The day is filled with light – the night is filled with darkness.

Both are in the sky for 12 out of 24 hours daily. That’s exactly half of each.

A Mayan legend says that in the days when the gods were still mortals, there existed a love so deep and pure that its strength created the sun and the moon, the days and the nights, and the stars that shine above. The Mayan civilization believed that the gods guided the sun and the moon across the sky. Even in the darkness of the night, they believed that the sun and the moon continued to journey through the underworld. Eternally. Aligned. In Syzygy.

Each Bicycle® Syzygy deck is crafted with the finest hand-picked materials, the highest grade of card quality (Q1) and unprecedented attention to detail. It is the most unique and intricate deck of playing cards ever produced. Every line of every single card was designed from scratch and spent over a year in development.

StarFire red premium vellum stock tuck box
Premium antique gold foil
Q1 quality (the highest grade of card quality available)
Embossed finish stock
Custom-made inks
Limited edition red/gold closure seal
Magic coating (the cards handle smoothly and last longer than regular decks)
Gorgeous artwork: 56 unique, hand-crafted playing cards
USPCC special, limited edition run of 5,000 decks