Blinded by Mickael Chatelain (RED)


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Conceived in 2016 by Mickael, BLINDED will seem like trick photography!  You’ll fool yourself!

Take a blank card, the card of invisibility, out of your pocket.  This card has an enormous keyhole cut in its center, allowing everyone to see through it.  Under this keyhole, the word “VISIBLE” is written.

Invite your spectator to freely choose a card from your deck.  In one hand you hold the invisibility card and in the other hand you hold the spectator’s card. Slowly place the spectator’s card behind the invisibility card. Thanks to the keyhole, the spectator’s card is visible.

Now you show the other side of the invisibility card and your spectator sees the word “INVISIBLE” under the keyhole.  Placing your spectator’s card again behind the invisibility card and suddenly his card is now INVISIBLE!  Your spectator can see through the keyhole- their card is invisible!.

Slowly, you remove the invisibility card to make the chosen card appear again!

No forcing.
No manipulation.
No black art!
The keyhole is huge and your spectators will easily see that nothing can hide behind it!
Reset immediately!

A new mechanism is at the root of this diabolical secret, you’ll love it! Nothing to hide in your hands or anywhere else. You hold the invisibility card between thumb and index finger, and that’s it!

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