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The broadest and most ambitious compilation of Ed Marlo’s work ever published!

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MARLO The Final Cut is the broadest and most ambitious compilation of Ed Marlo’s work ever published. Spanning more than thirty different published sources released from 1941-1974, it covers hundreds of tricks, moves, routines, subtleties, musings, and thought problems. Not only does this volume compile thirteen distinct books, but it also reprints his contributions from a myriad of other publications—magazines to books to newsletters.

In this harback tome you’ll discover material of all kinds—from close-up to stage, from semi-automatic to knuckle-busting, from complex routines to simple tricks. Learn modernist masterpieces like Devilish Miracle, practical worker’s material like Cardician Makes Good, ornate dances like New Elevator, and elemental concepts like the KM Move. 

Compiled and edited by N. C. Colwell with more than 300 endnotes and notations providing historical, literary, and clarifying context and foreword and remembrance by two of Ed Marlo’s most prominent students—Jon Racherbaumer and Allan Ackerman.


Introduction by N. C. Colwell

Remembering Eddie by Allan Ackerman

Foreword by Jon Racherbaumer


Chapter 1 – Card Fan Productions (1941)


The Instruction

Producing Multiple Fans of Cards

Sample Routine

A Bad Technique

Types of Cards–One

Types of Hands

Types of Cards–Two

The Hat Steal by Mort Abrams

Painted Card by Hank Nowoc

The Card Clip

A Net for Catching the Cards

Two Types of Fans

Gloved Productions

Hand Care


Chapter 2 – Deck Deception (1942)


Double Vanish and Recovery

Casanova Card Trick by Martin Gardner and Ed Marlo

Marlo’s Double Vanish and Recovery

Torn Deck Mystery

A Good Number

Number Transpo

Marlo’s Running Cut

Marlo’s Lessinout System of Cull and Stock Shuffles

Lessinout Cull

Lessinout Stack

The Spy

Divining Hanky

Marlo’s Card to Card Case

The Magical Gambler

And in Conclusion…


Chapter 3 – Future Reverse (1945)

First Method

Second Method

Center Reverse/Future Reverse

Method Three

Method Four

Method Five

Method Six

The Bonus Effect


Chapter 4 – Havana Deal (1948)

First Method

Second Method

Third Method


Chapter 5 – A Devilish Miracle by Ed Marlo and Carmen D’Amico (1948)

First Method

Second Method


Chapter 6 – Ed Marlo’s Lecture Notes (1951)

Sudden Aces

Cutting the Aces Routine

Ace Opener

Cardician Makes Good

Follow the Leader

Mr. Black Comes Back


Chapter 7 – The Future Classic by Ed Marlo and Carmen D’Amico (1953)

A Future Classic

Card Addition by Fred Braue

Turnover Change

Hit Method

Left Hand Palm/Dealing Position Palm/Future Classic Palm


Streamlined Classic

Comedy Classic

Final Observations

Alternate Set-Up

Alternate Count One

Alternate Count Two

Glide Double Handling


Chapter 8 – The Magic Seven (1954)

Magical Seven

Phase One

Phase Two

The Glide

Phase Three

Phase Four

Phase Five


Opening Phase

Alternate Methods

The Climax Phase

Alternate Methods


 Chapter 9 – Classical Foursome by Ed Marlo and Carmen D’Amico (1956)


A Classical Quickie

First Method

Second Method

Third Method

Fourth Method

Fifth Method

Sixth Method

Seventh Method

The Open Reverse

Eighth Method

Ninth Method

Tenth Method

The D’Amico Spread

Doubly Ambitious

Chameleon Queens

Marlo-Curry Change

Double Transpositions

The Repeat

Straight Presentation


Marlo Pivot Spread

Basic Principle







Note on Sixth Method

Triple Pivot Spread


Chapter 10 – Marlo Meets His Match (1959)



Matcho Methods I-VI

Matcho Notes

Variation of the Method II

Possible Stage Presentation

Matcho II—Single Deck Version

Marlo-Curry Change Variation

Double Thought—Single Deck

Stooge Version

The Exchange Version

The Key Card Version–First Version

The Key Card Version–Second Version

Memory Version

Red and Blue—Spectator Coincidence

Double Coincidence

More Matchos

Matcho Methods VII-IX

Double Thought and Two Billets

Gaffed Matcho

First Method

Second Method

Marked Matcho

Unmarked Matcho

Memory Matcho

The Fake Change


Chapter 11 – The K. M. Move by Ed Marlo with Tony Kardyro (1962)


The K. M. Move—Forward Fingering Action

Two Closing Actions

Reverse Fingering Action

Reversal Effect

Card Face-Up, Deck Face-Down

Righting a Reversed Card

Multiple Cards, Forward Fingering Action

Foreshadowing Later Ideas

Multiple Cards, Reverse Fingering Action

Multiple Out/Multiple Turnover Cleanup

Off the Face Changes

Ambitious Routine

Further Applications of the Reverse Fingering Action with K. M. Move

All Alike Count

The Transposition

Use of the K. M. Move in Devilish Miracle

K.M. Move Follow Up Aces

Another Exchange Procedure

The Four Ace and Four King Transposition

K.M. Move  with the Peek

K.M. Move as a Passer

First Idea

Second Idea

Packet Handling

Second Handling of K. M. Move

Multiple Card Steal

The K. M. Move Force

Ace Producer

The K. M. Move Brush Change

Appearing and Disappearing Selections

Technical Variations of the K. M. Move

First Variation

Second Variation

The Fan Method

Conclusions and Recollections


Chapter 12 – Tilt! (1962)


More Bluff Shifts

For One Card (Added Ideas)

Bluff Shift to the Top or at Any Number from the Top

Bluff Shift to the Bottom or Any Number from the Bottom

Bluff Shift and Palm Off

Flexible Bluff Shift

D’Amico’s Idea by Carmen D’Amico

Front End Tilt

Mental Elimination

Mental Elimination

Effects with Figure Three

First Effect—Rising Thought

Second Effect—Quick Acembly

Third Effect—4 and 4 Transposition

Fourth Effect—Trapped

Fifth Effect—The Pincers

Tilt Subtlety by Charles Aste, Jr.

Sixth Effect—Gathering of the Clan

Seventh Effect—Surprise

Ambitious Card Sequence

Add to Effects with Figure Three

Eighth Effect—Another Classical Quickie

Ninth Effect—Aces to Pocket

Tenth Effect—The Prediction (Open or Closed)

Eleventh Effect—Do as I Do

More Effects with Figure Three

Twelfth Effect—The Tilted Transposition

Thirteenth Effect—The Criss Cross Transposition

Fourteenth Effect—The Tilt Stab

Fifteenth Effect—The Tilt Sandwich

Alternative Handlings for The Tilt Sandwich


New Effects

Sixteenth Effect—Tilt Doubly Ambitious

Seventeenth Effect—Tilted Aces

Eighteenth Effect—Tilt Addition

Nineteenth Effect—Numbered Tilt

Twentieth Effect—Tilted Dunbury

Twenty-First Effect—Tilted Classical Quickie

Twenty-Second Effect—Visible Tilt

Roger Klause Fake Center Deal by Roger Klause

Neal Elias Tilt Contribution by Neal Elias


Chapter 13 – Marlo’s Objectives (1973)

First Objective

Second Objective

Third Objective–Re-positioning Spread

Fourth Objective–Four Card Location

Fifth Objective–In- and Out-Jogging Cull

Sixth Objective

Seventh Objective

Loose Ends

Alternated Red & Black Shuffles

For Faro Shuffler Only



Chapter 14 – STEELE & LEECH

52 Amazing Card Tricks by W. F. (Rufus) Steele (1949)

Double Thought

For Card Men Only by Al Leech (1949)

Aces Up by Ed Marlo and Al Leech

Manipulating with Leech by Al Leech (1952)

Ace-King à la Marlo



The Ireland Yearbook for 1950 (1950)

Card Telepathy de Luxe by James Auer with Ed Marlo

Ireland’s Yearbook for 1954 (1954)

The Royal Assembly by Del Ray and Ed Marlo

Ireland’s Yearbook for 1955 (1955)

Bluff Ace Assembly

Ireland’s Yearbook 1959 (1959)

Tabled Bottom Placement

Four Suggested Uses

Ireland’s Yearbook for 1961 (1962)

The Master Position

The Master Position

Control to the Bottom–Five Methods

Transferring the Cards

The Pivot Palm

Palm Pivot Transfer

Pivot Palm Replacements–Three Methods

Reversing the Cards–Three Methods

The Spread Pass

To Place the Card During the Spread Pass

Multiple Spread Pass

Nine Notes

Ireland’s Yearbook for 1962 (1962)

Technicolor Prediction

Impromptu Technicolor Prediction–Four Methods

Alternative Presentation for Technicolor Prediction–Six Versions


 Chapter 16 – THE NEW PHOENIX

The New Phoenix #329 – The Ed Marlo Issue (August 20, 1955)

Interview with Ed Marlo by Jay Marshall with Ed Marlo

Card Miracles from 1949

Throw In Location

Card Stab—Two Methods

Automatic Placement

Six Applications


The New Phoenix #334 (December 12, 1955)

Challenge to You from Edward Marlo by Jay Marshall

The New Phoenix #338 —Ed Marlo Tells All! (1956)

Real Gone Aces

Additional Notes on Real Gone Aces

Swindle Aces Ideas

Note on the Handling of Initial Count Off of Nine Cards

For Use in Real Gone Aces (Ace Layout)

The Separating Aces–Three Methods

Notes on the Mislide

The New Elevator–Four Methods

Vanishing Aces Theory

Aces & Deuces

The New Phoenix #339 (1956)

Case Card Again

The New Phoenix #346 (July 20, 1957)

Six Card Repeat Climax

The New Phoenix #374 (November 1962)

Marlo’s False Cut on Table

Marlo’s Lengthwise Spread

The New Phoenix #375 (December 1962)

The Open Travelers

Add a Subtlety (for Open Travelers)



1956 Card Annual (1956)

The Switchless Switch

First Effect

Second Effect

Third Effect

Additional Technique for the Switchless Switch

1957 Card Annual (1958)

Marlo’s Hofzinser

For the Purists

Additional Climax to Marlo’s Hofzinser

The Buckle Break

Marlo Bottom Count



Ireland’s Trick Talk Vol. 1 No. 1 (May-June 1957)

Marlo’s Card Quiz: Spur of the Moment

Ireland’s Trick Talk Vol. 1 No. 2 (July-August 1957)

Marlo’s Card Quiz: Out of Your Hands


Chapter 19 – KID STUFF

Kid Stuff 5 (1974)

Entertaining Kids with Cards


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