The Vernon Seminar (2 DVD Set)


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Dai Vernon is, arguably, the most influential magician of the 20th century. Yet the man and his material remain largely misunderstood. In this unprecedented two-disc, three-hour seminar, Roberto Giobbi explores what makes Dai Vernon’s magic so special.

Recorded live in the UK, Giobbi will discuss Dai Vernon’s tricks, techniques, presentations, theories, and how they have changed the way magicians look at magic. Along the way you’ll learn more about the personality of Vernon through amazing and amusing anecdotes. Studying Vernon is a fascinating and enlightening way of studying the essence of artistic magic. With The Dai Vernon Seminar, you will look through the eyes of the kind of figure who comes along once in a century and changes the way magic is understood and performed. This set also includes rare footage of Vernon himself, with commentary by Giobbi.

Who better to take us on a journey into the mind of Dai Vernon than Roberto Giobbi? Greatly respected for his incomparable Card College series, Giobbi is also a truly incomparable lecturer, who has become one of the most sought-out voices on magic in the world today. This live Vernon Seminar is the culmination of a lifelong study, and has been delivered to magicians around the world for over 15 years. This is your chance to step into the front row.


Cups and Balls
John Scarne Cups & Balls
The Peripatetic Walnuts
Ball, Cone and Handkerchief
Mental Card Miracle
Five Coins and a Glass
Retention of Vision Vanish
Silk & Silver (Fred Kaps)
Major Contributions, Master Works, Character & Influences The Banana Trick
Anecdotes & Life Stories
Triumph: Dramatic Construction
Climax for a Dice Routine
Details of Card Handling
Top Card Break (Back Breaker)
G.W. Hunter Shuffle Ruse
False Cuts & Applications
New Theory Second Deal
Classic Force
Post-peek Overhand Shuffle Control
Capping a Packet
Multiple Shift
Poker Demonstration
Linking Rings

Also included: an 80-page PDF of Dai Vernon: Life and Work, a full-length book on the magic and life of Dai Vernon.