Bring The Magic To Your School!

Bring The Magic Club To Your School

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Introducing The Magic Club For Schools

Learn amazing magic with your students in an exciting after-school Magic Club using a program proven successful in real schools.

Only the Magic Club Academy provides you with everything you need to facilitate a scaffolded, comprehensive, after-school magic club in your school! No magic experience is necessary! Just bring your students together, watch the instructional video lessons and learn incredible magic! Each lesson is 25-30 minutes long. It’s that easy!

And that’s not all!

Membership is absolutely FREE- yes, FREE!!

Get ready for the most amazing after-school club your students have ever experienced!  Join now and bring the magic to your school!

What's Included?

Your Magic Club Academy School membership includes:

  • Instant access for you and every member of your Magic Club to all the video lessons we’ve crammed into your vault! Just log in and start learning amazing magic!
  • Students in your Magic Club will have members-only access, allowing them to log in any time and review all the tricks they learn in the club meetings.
  • Member newsletters with free magic for you and your students, members-only sales, exclusive monthly video lessons, and new bonus tricks every month.
  • Throughout the year, tricks and lessons will be specially developed for you and the students in your club- at no additional cost. Consider it just one of our ways of thanking you!
  • Don’t forget- Membership is entirely FREE!
Why Magic Club?

For middle school students the curiosity for magic is powerful and motivating! The Magic Club Academy offers an opportunity for these students to develop new skills and individual talents. The program provides a developmental, scaffolded learning experience where students interested in magic will  grow as magicians in a meaningful, organized, confident manner. The Magic Club is a collaborative experience where members challenge themselves to learn a new skill while supporting each other by sharing efforts, offering suggestions, constructive critiques, and encouragement, and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

Some students don’t participate in extracurricular sports or clubs, such as science or chess, because they do not offer a natural representation of these student’s interests or personalities. Magic Club fills a void in the lives of many of these students, presenting itself as a niche for them.

Magic also provides an outlet for many children to express themselves in a non-traditional, alternative way, as they gain appreciation from others and build their confidence.

How and where students spend their after-school time hold significant implications for their development. The Magic Club provides a safe alternative for youth during the after-school period.

Essentially, the Magic Club Academy offers a unique way for students to express themselves, develop a talent and skill, while developing self-confidence, discipline, respect and creativity in an incredibly fun way.

Student Benefits

The benefits resulting from Magic Club are far-reaching and extend beyond the scope of the club itself.

The Magic Club Academy offers a unique way for students to:

  1. Develop a talent or skill, an ability to follow instructions, interpersonal social skills, confidence, self-esteem, public speaking experience, and communication skills.
  2. Improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. Express themselves.
  4. Foster diligence, perseverance and self-discipline through repeated practice.
  5. Engage imagination and foster creativity.
  6. Develop citizenship through gender equity as girls achieve the same skills as boys.
  7. Carry excitement beyond school boundaries and into the home environment, encouraging social interaction with friends and family.
  8. Expand their interests, oftentimes discovering their niche.
  9. Celebrate each other’s accomplishments as they teach and encourage one another in their new skills.
  10. Develop organization through performance routines and prop maintenance.

… and, all in an incredibly fun way!

Educational Benefits

Magic is multi-sensory, attending to a variety of learning styles: tactile, auditory, visual, and spatial.

Educationally, magic involves the following instructional strategies:

  1. Guided and independent practice
  2. Modeling
  3. Demonstration
  4. Investigation/observation
  5. Discussion
  6. Group and individual instruction
  7. Problem-solving
  8. Cooperative learning
  9. Critical thinking
  10. Creative thinking
  11. Critiquing skills
  12. Reflection
  13. Self and peer assessment
  14. Learning through literacy