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I’ve been a science teacher and a magician for over 40 years.  For the past 20 years, I’ve been privileged to share my passion for magic by facilitating an after-school Magic Club in my school.  This club, filled with enthusiasm, excitement, and energy, quickly grew from 15 to nearly 150 members.  Children become captivated once realizing they have the power to create a sense of wonder in others, affecting them in a way they never imagined possible.  It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of this!

I am so excited and proud to offer this after-school club, the Magic Club Academy, to you.  As the only after-school Magic Club on the internet, we provide everything you need to facilitate an after-school club in your school… and no magic experience is necessary!  It is my hope that the Magic Club Academy will inspire children to pursue magic, providing them with memorable, life-shaping experiences and an individual sense of accomplishment, confidence and joy as they acquire and develop their new magic skills.  Membership to the Magic Club Academy is entirely free… and fun!  Please consider bringing the magic to your school!

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Vince Mancuso, Ed.D.

7th Grade Science Teacher (Physical Science- Chemistry), 1999-Present
Brighton Twelve Corners Middle School
Science Department Chair, Twelve Corners Middle School, 2006- Present

Numerous presentations at national and state science conferences.



Ed.D., Teaching and Curriculum-  Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, University of Rochester, 2010

M.S., Science Education, SUNY Brockport, 2005

B.A., University of Rochester, 1999



NYS Certification Secondary Level Science (Biology)-  Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, University of Rochester, 1999