Meet Dr. Vince Mancuso

I have been an educator for 20 years and have successfully supervised a Magic Club in my school each year. My personal experiences as a magician for over 40 years has provided the background to supervise this club, which has had very strong student participation each year.  This is an exciting club, filled with enthusiasm, excitement and energy. The Magic Club represents an opportunity for students to engage in unique experiences they are fascinated and curious about. This curiosity is powerful, pronounced and motivating, as students dream of the ability to perform amazing feats. Their enthusiasm is fueled by this curiosity, which in turn drives their persistence through the challenges of mastering a new trick or skill. I have been privileged to observe these newly acquired skills develop in children, and their absolute joy as they achieve mastery.

Students become captivated once realizing they have the power to create a sense of wonder in others; affecting them in a way they never knew possible. It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of this. This is what energizes me, inciting my passion for the Magic Club. I feel that all children should experience the individual sense of excitement, accomplishment, confidence, and success that the Magic Club provides. It is my hope that the Magic Club Academy will help stimulate more children to develop and share these personal, memorable, and life-shaping experiences.

My personal knowledge and experiences as a magician, an educator, and a club supervisor will help your school realize its magic potentials- welcome to the Magic Club Academy!

Vince Mancuso, EdD


7th Grade Science Teacher (Physical Science- Chemistry), 1999-Present
Brighton Twelve Corners Middle School
Science Department Chair, Twelve Corners Middle School, 2006- Present

Numerous presentations at national and state science conferences.



Ed.D., Teaching and Curriculum-  Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, University of Rochester, 2010

M.S., Science Education, SUNY Brockport, 2005

B.A., University of Rochester, 1999



NYS Certification Secondary Level Science (Biology)-  Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, University of Rochester, 1999