At the Table Live Lecture April-June 2016 (6 DVD set)

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A lineup that includes Xavior Spade, Simon Black, Branden Wolf, Chris Randall, Cameron Francis, and Danny Archer!

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In this At the Table Experience DVD set, you get masterful pieces of magic taught by the finest minds in the industry. The April lineup begins with Xavior Spade, one of New York’s finest card handlers known for his proficiency with a deck. Co-Founder of Lost Art Magic and a sleight of hand teacher, Xavior is renowned for his unbelievably clean controls, seamless card work and, above all, his theory of magic. With a professional performance background of twenty years, he brings you his refined and detailed work straight from his personal chop library. Xavior has kept much of what he teaches in this lecture a secret, known only to a select few in his inner circle. He divulges what should be some of the greatest invisible techniques, touching on subjects like bottom palming, the diagonal palm shift, twisting the aces and ambitious riser. He also conveys some controversial thoughts on magic.

Chicago’s fastest rising star in the magic, Simon Black joins us for an At The Table Experience and his first lecture. Simon has rapidly proven himself to be a top sleight-of-hand card artist. With his fast-paced mind and even quicker hands, he’s been able to add improvements on some of the most daunting sleights. Simon shows us his work on his Swivel Technique, Paradigm Shift, Cover Pass, Bertram Change, and too much more to list here. This session with Simon is an enlightening card handler’s party. His moves are as smooth as butter, and this flourishing, flashy magic, once mastered, will impress and astound your close-up audience.

May is brimming with coin artistry and Las Vegas busking! Branden Wolf starts off the lineup. He is one of today’s major underground creative forces in coin magic. You may know Branden for his previous DVD release, Wolf where he taught some of the cleanest and heart-stopping moves that we’ve ever seen. Now he brings a whole new level of deception as we delve into his world of sleights, moves, routines and ice-breakers.

Las Vegas native Chris Randall finishes out the month of May with his out of this world At The Table Experience. You may have seen Chris perform on Masters of Illusion or even the Magic Castle, but did you know that he’s been working on the Las Vegas Strip for 15 years? He has original material published in Magic Magazine and Genii Magazine and he has created numerous DVDs such as Sugar High, Magic at the Bar, Sweet, Heaven’s Aces and his acclaimed best seller Inception (“The last word in to bill to lemon” – Doc Eason). Chris has grown to be not only a fine performer and creator but also into a stellar teacher through his experiences as a lecturer.

This set wraps up in June with Cameron Francis, who is well known for his off-beat, quirky style of magic. He has performed all over the country including the Close Up Gallery of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is also a regular performer at Wizardz Magic Theater in Orlando. As a worker with years of performing experience, Cameron has learned some of the most powerful magic is magic that happens in a spectator’s hands. This lecture showcases that concept repeatedly and teaches you how to create those otherworldly moments right in their palms.

To add to the lineup, we give you Danny Archer. At twenty-nine years old, Danny Archer started performing magic as a hobbyist. Since then, he has circled the globe with his highly sought-after lecture and runs MINDvention, the largest mentalism convention. His material has appeared in publications such as MAGIC, Linking Ring, Genii, Channel One, MUM, Infinity and several international magic publications. His magic is visual, dynamic and real-world tested. He uses simple props to present complex magic effects that you will never see coming. If you haven’t experienced Danny, here is your chance.