Card through Borrowed Bill


Push a card through a borrowed bill- visibly!

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Carries in your pocket- you can perform this anytime, with any bill!

You freely display a playing card and a plastic folder to your friends.  You borrow a bill and place the folded bill inside the folder with the ends projecting on both sides, and visible at all times.  Now you insert a corner of the card inside the folded bill and push it through the bill, the corner of the card projecting out from the top of the folder.  You can even open the folder, showing the corner of the card going through the bill.. yes, visibly seen through the bill.  You push the card completely through the bill, and out from the top of the folder.  You remove the bill from the folder and return it to your friend, who can examine it thoroughly- it is never switched!

Complete with card, folder and detailed instructions. Use any borrowed bill.