Art of Astonishment Volume 3 by Paul Harris Book


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The Art of Astonishment books are modern classics!  This is a requirement of any magician’s library!

Volume 3 Highlights
The Shape of Astonishment – The imprint of a quarter in a piece of foil instantly changes from heads to tails. Awesome and totally impromptu.
Hot Chocolate – You bring out a flat, folded Hershey wrapper out of your wallet and inflate it into the real thing.
The Anything Deck – Place a small packet of cards under the case … any word or name is called out … you spread the packet to reveal the exact same word, written in thick black marker across the backs of the cards. A completely new principle for releasing deep astonishment.
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish – An anytime levitation of your favorite snack. Works just as well with burgers and fish fillets.
Bat Fishing – A spectator brings out any dollar and fairly selects eight cards. The number on the eight cards astonishingly match all eight serial numbers on the dollar … and you never touched the bill or the cards!
Leaf – You tear a leaf off of someone’s houseplant … then press the torn stem back against the branch … where it takes root and restores itself back into a healthy, growing leaf.
The Shuffling Lesson – You sit back and enjoy the show while you induce a spectator to unknowingly stack, false shuffle, then false cut a deck all by herself … so that she can deal herself the winning hand.

Pages 312 – Hard Bound