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This bundle is absolutely loaded!  Designed as a beginner’s introductory course to card magic, it includes everything you’ll need to move from beginner to experienced magician!

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With this bundle you’ll be amazing friends and family like a professional card magician! Designed as a beginner’s introductory course to card magic, you’ll discover a comprehensive DVD course that will guide you from beginner to advanced with a regular deck of playing cards, a close-up pad, a very cool deck of cards, and 5 incredible card tricks using “special” decks!  This bundle is absolutely loaded!

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Ultimate Card Magic Course (6 Volume DVD & Streaming Download)

Watch and learn any way you want… anywhere you are- choose DVD or STREAM IT!

Simon Lovell’s Toolbox Collection puts together over 170 moves from the beginner to the middle magician to the expert! These are essential skills and sleights that need to be in every card magician’s toolbox!  Learn all the skills and moves you’ll need to perform card magic at any level!
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced magician, you must have the training on this DVD!

Course Includes:
170 Moves ranging from Beginner to Expert Level

Volume 1
Key Card Control
Vernon Key Card Subtlety
Fan Return Using Keys
Moving Key Card Behind Back
Double Under Cut
Slow Mo Pass
Riffle Pass
Tan Hok Wan Pass
Spread Pass
Randy Spread Pass
Dribble Pass
Poor Man’s Help
Kelly Ovette’s Master Move
Simon’s Reverse Kelly
Side Steal
Over Reach Side Steal
Scotty York Side Steal
Simon’s Sideway Steal
Corner Crimp
Bridge Work
Concave Breather
Diagonal Palm Shift
Push Through Diagonal Palm Shift
Simon’s Multiple Card Control
Multiple Card Control
Vernon Multiple Card Control
LTP Steal
Mahatma Control
Turnover Lift
Strike Double
Dingles Double
Lift & Show Double
Subtle Lay Down
Corner Hold Double
Flip Double
Angle of the Dangle
Card Under Glass
Spin Double

Volume 2
Push Off Second
Stud Second
One Handed-Deal Second
One Handed-Stud Second
Push Out Bottom
Stud Bottom
One Handed Bottom
Bluff Center
Side Strike Second
Top Strike Second
Mario Automatic Second
Sydney the Hamster
Overland Top Card Shuffle
Jog Shuffle
Overhand Top Card Control
Top Stock Control
Top Stock Riffle
Bottom Stock Riffle
Top & Bottom Stock Riffle
Push Through Riffle Shuffle
Zarrow Shuffle
In Hands Riffle Shuffle
Faro Shuffle Wedge Shuffle
Pop Over Riffle

Volume 3
Cross Cut Force
10-20 Force
Christ Cut Deeper Force
Fan Force
Table Fan Force
Riffle Force
Dribble Force
World’s Easiest Riffle Force
Magician’s Choice Force
Vernonesque 3 Way
Using the Hindu Shuffle
Wesley James Hindu Force
Trevor Lewis Simple Force
Pressure Fan
Giant Fan
Double Waterfall
Elevator Spread
Card Striking Out Joke
Spin From Back of Deck
Spin from Hand to Hand

Volume 4
Slip Cut & Variations
Greek Cut
Thompson Cut
Back Cut
Leave It Cut
Table Hop
Triple Table Cut
Bluff Cut
Charlier Cut
Front Cut
Front Cut From Middle
Four Way Cut
Simey Cut
Top Change
Erdnase / Houdini Change
Simon’s Open Hand Change
Simon’s Floop
Simon’s Backward Balthazer
DeSousa / Munez Change
3 Way Spin Change
Simon’s Double Lift Change
Dan Garret’s Change
Marlo Table Change

Volume 5
Multiple in Hands Top Change
Simon’s Table Top Change
Braue Reversal
Piet Forton Pop Out
Drop Turn Over
Slap Turn Over
Biddle Move
Wesley’s On The Up Move
Marlo’s Tilt Move
Add On
Deep Face Up Switch
Tent Vanish
The Glide
Culling A Card
Culling Multiple Cards
Rub Away Vanish
Rub Away Vanish With Case
Glimpse Turn-Over
Double Peek Control
Buckle Control
Buckle Spread
Buckle From A Packet
Elmsley Count
Siva Count
5 or More as 4 Elmsley
Jordon Displacement
Flustration Count
Gemini Count
Ascanio Spread
5 as 4 Between Hands
Mario Pull Down Move
Hamman Count

Volume 6
Overhand Stack For One Card
Overhand Stack For Two Cards
Riffle Stacking
Mucking One Card
Mucking Two Cards
Stealing From A Hand
Palming Magician Style
Flat Palm
Gambler’s Cop
Bottom Palming – Erdnase
Bottom Palming – Jennings
One Hand Palm
Pick Up Stack
Bubble Peek
Shuffle Peek
Back Peek
Black Jack Peek
Four Flourishing
The Brush
Drop Switch
Hand to Hand Switch
Poker Switch

Incredible Shrinking Deck

A regular deck of cards is displayed.  Any card is selected and then placed back into the deck.
When the deck is spread faces up there is one card face down.
However, this one face down card is tiny compared to the rest of the cards.
The tiny card is removed from the spread and INSTANTLY becomes a regular size card again and even more amazing…it’s the selected card from before!
The entire deck is picked up and then spread again to reveal the ENTIRE DECK has been shrunken!
The only regular size card remaining is the same selected card as before!
When the deck is picked up again it instantly becomes a regular size deck again showing a normal back and regular size faces!

This same deck can be used again to perform a variety of routines to the same audience if desired.


  • Special Printed Deck in Bicycle – Limited Edition with actual printed mini-faces and mini-Bicycle Backs
  • Extra Special Printed Bonus Cards Included For Even More Effects & Routines

Ultimate 3 Card Monte


The Ultimate 3 Card Monte-it’s the stuff of legends.

Michael Skinner’s vast working repertoire, larger perhaps than any other magician in history, contained some of the most difficult sleight-of-hand tricks imaginable. Yet, one of his pet tricks, a feature of his close-up act at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas where he performed for two decades, is this self-working miracle-the Ultimate 3 Card Monte.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it almost works by itself, though. Michael Skinner fried audiences with this routine and after he released the secret, the Ultimate 3 Card Monte found itself into the working repertoires of professional close-up magicians all over the world. And now-it can be yours!

Everything is included in the package -professionally illustrated instructions and the specially printed Bicycle-brand cards that make this miracle possible.

Queens Out of Control


The Joke will be on the Queens when you change them from Queens to Jokers right in front of your audience’s eyes. The ending of this trick you will never forget!

Comes with the special packet of cards and an instructional training course where Gerry Griffin demonstrates and teaches this wonderful card effect.

Plus go in-depth and learn how to perform the Elmsley Count- a move that will help you perform countless other miracles in magic!

Cheek to Cheek


Simply put- this trick astounds!  Easy to learn- the perfect card trick for any magician.  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced magician, this trick is for you!  Do your spectators a favor- get this trick now!

A pack of cards is shown and separated into two piles. The cards are fanned and shuffled face to face so half the cards are face up, and the other half are face down. The spectator then takes any card that is face up and places it anywhere in the deck face down.

The cards are shuffled again and when the deck is spread out on the table, all cards are back face down – with the exception of the face up selected card! There is no skill required to perform this amazing close-up miracle, perfect for both the amateur and the pro!

Wild Card

In 1962, British magician Peter Kane invented a trick that he named “Watch the Ace!” The effect was reworked and subsequently renamed Wild Card by legendary magician Frank Garcia and it very quickly became a sensation in the magic world. In fact, the Magic Dealers Association named it as the best-selling card trick for 1963, and with good reason. Very few effects in card magic are as visual as Wild Card, where several different cards successively change to match one odd card.

Frank Garcia eventually wrote an entire book just on this one trick… it’s that good!

Oculus Deck

Inspired by Pointillism, the OCULUS Reduxe Deck features a four corners-bleed borderless design, with bold and vibrant blues that contrast sharply against the stark white elements that carry out to the edges. The design is meant to flow through flourishes and allow for unique displays that aren’t possible with conventional borders, and to provide dynamic table displays. The OCULUS Reduxe is produced by Mike Wilson (theDoc318) and designed by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards).

The Court cards each have a radial design structure that gives them an abstract, yet familiar, look. The PIPS and Indices have a non-typical Red (Hearts/Diamonds) and Blue (Clubs/Spades) color combo, and are easy to read for maximum playability. This deck, then, can become part of your everyday carry, as you can practice cardistry, magic, and stealing money from your friends in a game of poker (no, this is not a marked deck).

The OCULUS Reduxe tuck box features a bold design of rich reds and blues.

Printed by Expert Playing Cards, with its Taiwan printer, the OCULUS Reduxe Deck utilizes its exceptional classic finish and is traditionally cut.

Close-Up Pad (Choose Black or Red)